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From Data to Dollars™

Converting data into opportunities, profits, and growth through analytics, fact-based decisions, and technology innovation.

The Data to Dollars Value Chain™

Fitzgerald Analytics’ framework (The Data to Dollars Value Chain™) and the associated methodology and toolkit brings structure and efficiency to the messy work of turning data into results, helping teams plan and execute more successful projects.
This illustration shows how the Data to Dollars Value Chain™ applies in the case of customer analytics.
For many organizations, data has become the ultimate intangible asset.  In raw form, it is useless, yet when used well it becomes priceless.   This framework is about the practical, specific, step-by-step process by which data is transformed into concrete value for organizations of all sizes and types.

Unfortunately, relatively few analytics projects, teams, and technology investments achieve their full potential.  When analytics projects go well, the results are extraordinary.  Existing businesses have transformed themselves using analytics, new businesses models have been built on analytics and innovators are using analytics to achieve social goals including saving lives, improving healthcare, and empowering the poor.  Unfortunately, the “dirty secret” is that most analytics projects fail to achieve their potential.

This Framework is a practical guide to creating successful analytics projects, teams, and ongoing initiatives.  It contains all the components of the process, methods, and templates used by Fitzgerald Analytics to help dozens of clients unlock millions of dollars in results.  The benefit of the approach is to “reduce the barrier to benefit” from analytics, enabling teams to get more from their analytics effort despite inevitable constraints in budgets, staff talent and experience, knowledge, data quality and availability, and even political barriers within organizations.



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